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Since today there is a special offer by Orange – Zetafon, where the prepaid cell phones cost only 1 zł

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Zetafon POP and Orange Go – a breakthrough on the Polish prepaid market

 On June 26th, Orange has introduced Zetafon offer both to POP and Orange Go – it means, that the prepaid phone costs 1 zloty. It is the first standard prepaid service on the Polish market, which enables the clients to choose from a range of 1-zloty devices.

 Up to now prepaid phone sets were quite expensive and out of reach for some part of potential users. Orange offers now the possibility of buying a prepaid telephone for 1 zloty. „We are certain that our offer will receive clients’ acceptance and will put our company in the leading position on the Polish market” - says Bartosz Dobrzyński, Orange mass market marketing manager.

 Zetafon is an offer for both present and future Orange clients. Current POP and Orange Go users can profit from the new service without changing their telephone numbers.

 Zetafony are sold in standard POP and Orange Go packs. The customer will have no problem in spotting them because of special stickers. When purchasing the pack, the user will receive a phone with a starter.

 The Orange client, who chooses Zetafon offer, is obliged to keeping the account of outbound calls for certain time. The choices are: 24, 30 or 36 months. The customer is absolutely free to charge the account whenever and for how much money wanted. During the whole time, the user can profit from the promotions which have been or will be introduced to POP and Orange Go. In case that the account of the customer would be inactive, the validity of the loyalty agreement will be prolonged by that period.

The period of accounts activity depends on the value of recharging. All means of POP and Orange Go recharging are valid.

The value of recharging


5 zł


25 zł


50 zł


100 + 10 zł


150 + 30 zł


The period of account’s activity for outbound calls

2 days

1 month

3 months

5 months

5 months

 Cell phones available in the Zetafon offer:

 POP: Motorola C115, Nokia 2600, SE T290i, Siemens C65, Sagem MY202x, Siemens AX 72, SE J220i, Nokia 1600, Nokia 6030 and Siemens C75.

 Orange Go: Sagem MYX2-2m, Nokia 2600, SE T290i, Alcatel E256, Siemens A70, Nokia 1600, Samsung X200, Nokia 6030, Nokia 6020 and Sagem MY401X.


More information on Orange in the Internet: or please contact Orange commercial helpline 0-801 502 502.